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Thursday, 4th of July 2002
Friday, 5th of July
Saturday, 6th of July 2002
Sunday, 7th of July 2002
Monday, 8th of July 2002
Finsbury Freaks Speak Up!
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Sunday, 7th of July 2002

The Museums after a useless search for an hairdresser (!!!), the walks and the most lovely of nights out till...

Micke and the pride of Vikings
I have to say that Svennie's wax is utterly perfect!

Sunday started again really soon for me.
The fact I was as dirty as a dog after a month without water was making me feel ill.I took the shower of course, but then it was no hairdryier nowhere to be found, and considering the weather was again turning near to cold and rain, there was no hope for me to be able to wash the blonde cloak I am currently wearing (so nice to look at, so big flash in the pan...), and I couldn't really resist at the way the hair was smelling.
So, the choice was only one available: an hairdressed would have cured my head.
We exited to find one, but .. one little particular was not taken into notice: it was damn SUNDAY.
No hairdresser.. available, no matter at which price one could have tried to buy them for.

As my hopes were step after step dismissed, I decided to wear an hairdo which would have hided a bit the dirty essence of the hair. with that "indian" hairdo I went to the infamous Wax and strange/funny stuff receptacle which is Madame Taussaud's Museum.
I took many pics there, as all others, and here are just some which I really like.
I have to say the best disappointment was to see the only really bad likeness in the sculpture was... the wax sculpture of Brad Pitt!!!
It's nothing like him. But after all, no human hands can replicate that perfect beauty ;)
He's just.. above.
I have in my mind only someone else who reaches Pitt's graceful  perfection.. you can name him as well I guess :) In my heart at least :)

Feeling like a Giant at Madame Toussaud's...
(They were wearing heels, I was at ground level..eheh LOL!!)

...a supposed harmless joke can turn bad if you don't consider the numebr of drinks someone had before it...

Exiting from Tate, we were in a big hurry.
But sadly the transports were fucked up.
The whole Town Transport system, referring to the tube, was under developement works, and many lines, including the Islington one we were meant to take for reaching the rest of the Freaks was running once every fuckin hour....
We gave up.
We would have meet again in the evening, this time with Henry and Sinath and Laura too.
At least I had time for washing finally my hair (at 5 pm Sun was shining...London weather is priceless!!!) and let them dry up freely, and I had time for some. self care for myself, courtesy of angel's treatement into showers and over towels.
Those who can get me, will make this clear.
It doesn't take much efforts after all :P

I even found other Italian and very special people there: my old hairdresser whom I was used to get serviced from when I was a kid.. up to my 14!!!
I heard a voice backing me, speaking Florentinians and screaming happily my name.
After we reached other people waiting at the Tate Gallery. They didn't really wanted to spend 9 pounds on Freud's exhibition there but I wanted to see it a lot, and Micke agreed as well... so Paul Nelly Izzi Baz and Chris leaded to Camden again, and the deal was to find again all together in Camden in a couple of hours.
But Tate is such a big Museum, full of amazing paintings. that my heart lost sense of time.
By the time the gorgeous Freud's expo was completed under our eyes, two hours were already gone.

A long talk at night, the food we didn't find and the starting of all our goodbyes...

Sinath, Henry, Paul and Mikael
at a very cute Australian Pub on Sunday night

Sunday evening night was at first absolutely fantastic.. then, without the majority of us being aware of it, it turned it out to be sort of a bad nightmare.
But for how I am .. I wanna remember the joy over the sadness and the shock.
I hope all the rest which was bad will be solved. And the more I watch the pics out of that evening in the pub, where all of us so sincerely smile and are having a good time, the more I feel that the whole situation has and can be solved.
Don't wanna really write the detailes, bacause all of us practically did in the last section of this site, the one dedicated to Finsbury Freaks' words.
But in these pics I see people whom I want to meet again.
People who have been healthy and sweet to my heart, and people whom I would like to see happy forever.
When any of you guys won't be happy, you have to know a part of me won't be happy either.
And this, at least in the way my own world spins, it the pure and honest truth.
I don't think I am any strange one, and if I failed towards you Nelly, I did because I didn't get any clue about what was happening within your heart and sensitivity.Not because I wasn't caring. I will always care.
Anyway, to come back to the diary.. the Sunday night was the first night of byes, also to Henry, Sinath and Laura.
When I say or write that I miss you, I am once again fully sincere.
We have to meet again.
For all the time I am gonna bother this planet with my caothic presence, I will keep  up hopes I will shake again your hands and rub myself against your cheeks :)
The pics I have from Sunday night in the pub are something I love wholeheartedly :) Thanx.