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Talkien in 15 minutes a week
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If you like Lord Of The Rings and the whole Talkien's Saga, follow some of Brian's essays about it and follow the links.
Just... enjoy the magic!


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What can I say?
The best book I've ever read?
The best way to develop your dreams and fantasize about how a tale can show you a way to live in real world?
Well, what can I say it's really nothing compared to the amount of ink and web words spread for just praise Talkien's books.
I couldn't add anything that other haven't already said, all that I can do is to strongly try to push you to enter in a bookshop and buy The Saga; or to make one of your friends borrow that to you (some of them will have them for sure); or to enter in a library and read them there in the sun, rain or snow.
Weather won't matter, cos you're gonna be taken really far away, just a step more within the world you would have ever loved to be in.

In these pages you'll find a series of thoughts and essayes made by one of the biggest Talkien's worshippers around, Brian.
They will change every now and again, talkin about specific aspects of teh whole saga which will maybe capture those already into the books.
But I wish that the others just from those words will get the curiosity about stepping into a special place made by imagination and creativity.
All essays will always be available in the Archives section so nothing will be lost.

Dreams never fail, they enlight our lives enough for makin us searching for a ray of sun also in real days.


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