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Meli's 2002 Summer Holidays
With Celebrity SportMan At Lake / 4 Pictures

Veronello Hotels is indeed the home Ground for retiring and training of Chievo Verona Football Club, the team which last year was the total reveal of the A Series in Italy.
I didn't imagine I would have passed my time at the swimming pool with the players and their families and girlfriends!!!
But I did!!!!!
It was.. quite peculiar and I learnt that the football players are not stupid: their female sides are indeed...LOL!


So, those up are the fields where Chievo plays their training games.. the whole structure is massive, but that is the nicest pic I have.. Unlike somoene else (erm!!!) I didn't really acted like the fact we were among players was something utterly strange and dignified of all kind of specialness.. I didn't really asked all time for signs or anything else, I was just havin fun seeing them acting as normal people (But.. Manfredini and Pellissier are just gorgeous!!!!!).
Anyway, Stef had once again some fantastic ideas.. the man is just a jewel, this has to be said :)
All shall be so grateful to him for being as lovely as he is :)
I definitely am :)
Thanx sweet man, you are a cutie you know :)

At the hotel I also got the reveal that kids love me because in their eyes I look like kind of a big doll :)
There were many of them and for makin all calm, their mums were coming and askin me to let them play with my hair and that was having this powerful effect: I was always surrounded by little ladies and kids askin me like I was some kind of Queen to let them brush my hair and stuff :)
That has been one of the sweetest things ever happened to me really.. :)

me and Stef at Lake of Garda

Edoardo takes notice of my score

I would just like to advice everyone who will go soon or later and visit Garda Lake to address themselves at "Portichetto" Restaurant in the Bardolino's Mazzini Plaza.
The way they cook meals, and especially those "Spaghetti alla chitarra with Sarde Fishes" is worthing alone the traveling to the lake!!!!

Since we were at Chievo's Hotel...
Stef took the chance to meet Oliver Bierhoff!

I totally loved the staying in Bardolino, and the whole holidays which have been very important and useful for me :)
Once again, I got strenght for next months of work thanx to them, and reassured me about my life's needs and wills.
I keep on saying this, but it's because I truely feel it into my bones: I am surrounded by so much love and care in my life, that I always thank above for it.
Don't know why, I have a big star up in the sky lookin down at me it seems.
It must be my beloved angel from far away, keepin on followin me , because I feel his love even when he's not with me, and that gives all I need into my life.
Then, all my friends are capable always to make my days shine.
For all this, just one word.
I love my life because of you :)