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Meli's 2002 Summer Holidays
Night And Day At Sea /4 Pictures

Every night out at Gallipoli includes forcedly a stop waiting at Bellini's for deciding where to go later on that night...

The beautiful sight of Parabita's Castle
with little me sitting on the walls!

So, the Gallipoli-Parabita Group this year was a bit different than last one, not in the members (they were all there, and we met new people as well) but because in the end all people there thatwere linked to some other last year weren't anymore a couple this one.
Strange, because it seems this at first can affect the spontaneous feelings but in the end all remained friends with one another, and we could be affective with everyone and so.. love was all around still man!!!!
But it was strange indeed.. just a bit! :)

Waiting at Bellinis
People.. that's JUST crazy!

Here I might describe the photo above.

this is my beach for the year.. go red and blue

The sea was as beautiful as ever, but in a way more difficult to bathe in, for the weather was makin it always waving, and for a while it was a problem for me (I was having.. Women's Days.. :P).
This Summer has been a bit of a bitch here in Italy, although Gallipoli didn't really suffered from rain and stuff, I must say.
The rythm was the usual one anyway: We were going really early at the beach in the morning and stay there all time till 13, then the afternoon was spent home doing funny things and have naps (the heat didn't allow you to do much more!) and at night, we were always gathering for goin out, sometimes dinning out, sometimes waiting at Bellini's for goin in Night Clubs and Discos till 4am.
Or something ;)

Elli's class on the beach...
we're not here..erm...sorry Elli :P!

Elli also was holding with a mate a class of Salsa Dance up to our Beach Club next Club (okay.. hope that made sense!!) and I should have attended it with Stef and Marco but.. erm.. at the end we just stayed there watching the rest of the group doing it, for variouses reasons (physical inaptitude and moreover.. laziness in my specific case :P)
Stef surprised me anyway: while jus watching the steps and the style, he was able to get REALLY the main stuff, so he became ready- as you will see later in this gallery- to have a pretty decent style for upcomig dancing events!!!
I felt proud really :)
Elli wanted to kill us for the real thing missing but nothing comes out always perfect don't you think?
BTW, she's a great dancer and a fantastic teacher , and this has to be said :)