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Meli's 2002 Summer Holidays
Otranto KartDrome / 6 Pictures


One of the MUST of the whole holiday was of course the usual Kart Racing, and after last year we discovered Otranto's  one, with Restaurants and Disco Floor and lots of nice plus more as well, that has become our favourite choice for it, emphasized by the fact to have the race at night is just way cooler...



Andy Giampi Nan

Sadly the pics of the race didn't really turn up, Marco this time failed at being the Official Event Shooter ;)

three geniuses dance their asses off!
Baila al ritmo vuelta!!!!

But now you can finally see Stef dancing his ass off alongside that mad one of Andy and luckily with someone who can lead even a monkey and transform it into a proper dancer, Elli (I didn't mean to say nor Andy nor Stef are monkeys, okay? ;))
It was lovely to see how genuinely they were having fun on the dancefloor :)


About this great guy, what can I say? He's simply one of the funniest and lighter and sweetest person you could meet :)
His smile can turn into brilliancy every night and day, he's cool as fuck and so tender you couldn't believe :)
Awwww :)