Friends of Art

More faces of friends, some met in the lovely family of Renderosity, some  instead..showed again because their lives are so important to me that the more I can show them the more I am happy :)


Alan (Toulouz in RR ) shows his amazing talent in painting, luv to you dear!!!


Elvira, Swedish sugar, seems to love play with balls down to the pubs...


Kim met Liam not too much of a time ago.. grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aside, Aleksandar: he seems so .. spooky and serious there but he's a lovely man!



Above, Marc poses for the portrait I did of him (see in my artwork Album3!) while Sachin seems taken by his thoughts down  to him...


Up, Mikael share his sweetness with cute Heidi after years they didn't meet, below, Thomas (Blinddog in RR) gives you an hint of his mysterious and fascinating look...





This one up is Nelly, a wonderful creature whose heart is so full of amazing feelings one could pass the entire life trying to discover it in total.. and it wouldn't be possible still :) Luv!!!!
Aside instead you can see Stephen (aka mumbocat) a real lovely man full of good qualities and spirit :)

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