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Thursday, 4th of July 2002
Friday, 5th of July
Saturday, 6th of July 2002
Sunday, 7th of July 2002
Monday, 8th of July 2002
Finsbury Freaks Speak Up!
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Friday, 5th of July

Chris arrives, Henry shows up and then also Alan does...

Plan of the day included again a *very* early attempt (and succeding) at wakin up. Aim of the morning, to take Chris in from the other side of town (do you know where Heathrow is located? well, round there...) and then just have again a certain fun.
I was feeling , while semi-consciously putting clothes on me in the darknes of a room which shouldn't have got too much of light (risk: to wake up Nelly...) that if only Karin would have been with us the whole thing would have been perfect...then I started again to feel just immensively sorry for Gecko's troubles and then.. I decided to stop thinkin that much or we would have been late!!
It was decided my "totorized/in tutoring" special man named Mikael would have taken care of me not producing any disaster in the rescuing operation.
At 7 am and something we were on the Tube, trip which lasted.. too much!

Nelly, Me and Izzi
how thoughtful looks our intellectual iz? :)

In the end, we menaged (God only knows how) to be late.. I was so scared that we were missing Chris that I started to behave my usual ass way, like "We have to make something!" and Mikael "We can just wait, I am sure he's not arrived yet, be calm..." and I: "We have to run!" Mikael: "Where shall we? there are many directions, the only good idea is to wait and look. Be calm..."
Poor man, I can be such a pain when I put my ingenium at it :P!
He was right anyway: lately Chris appeared, and it was amazing to see him again! It was one year and three months that we didn't meet, but everytime the mere fact of seeing his smile makes me feel comfortable and okay.
On the tube that we took for joining all the rest of the band (keepin up hoping Henry would have arrived) I spent most of my own time talkin with an Italian couple a bit clueless about how to move into London.
Two facts in my brain then: the first, that in July  almost 30% of London people must be from my own Country (LOL!) and secondhandly, that I have probably made them losing themselves somewhere with my advices... Let's hope not!

Me and yellow roses I adore in Regent's Park
Rain will come and go the whole day, but we're happy

As soon as we arrived in ISH, the feeling of "long expectation/but now let's just go out and feel okay" was once again there.
While Chris was settling up himeslf and customize his stuff (starting for the very first time to ask if we could have tried to find some food.. not really the only time he would have showed us how much he needs to eat!!) a repetita iuvant-kind  of scene was displayed.
The door opened itself, I looked at the entrance from my opposite wall I was standing against and another scream pointing in the direction of some cute  man with slightly curly brown hair and a pair of glasses:
"aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! "
Henry entered then :)

He looked really like the old friend of your past summers. Not only that: his cutest skill is to wear one of the most shining, happy smiles I have ever seen. He was immediatly talkative and adorable :)
The Henry everyone was expecting I suppose, certainly the one I was expecting :)
The  reason keepin him away from the group was apparently the fact he had to follow Sinath (his lovely girlfriend) and Laura (a gem of a girl we would have met the day after waiting for the gig) throught the whole town, and the fact (confirmed in Sinath's words in the ending page of this site) that she was especially scared in meeting all of us without having any previous akcnowledge of  none of us.
Understandeable...I think :)

Henry said then he would have passed the day with us, and we went up to exit from ISH and go.. somewhere (at first, it was meant to be the Tate Gallery... but only at first: the weather was grey and raining, but you know.. when you feel fine your own personal sun always shine).
As we step into the ISH hall, another mega surprise for me: Alan Higgs, the Toulouz in Renderosity.. was there waiting for me!!!!
Incredible.. he really took a journey to visit me, unaware of the place in real because my portatile phone wasn't capable in England to send nor sms nor calls, I was only able to receive them and that was banning me from contacting him the previous day.
I just feel greatly in watching his big smile, and those big blue eyes so purely English, made even bigger and more sparkling in contrast with the soft white hair and the tanned skin.
We started to talk without problems immediatly.. we stepped out all together, having lunch at some pub in the down street (others.. I didn't really eat, all taken as I was in talkin.. :P!) and then,once out, we had the big question: "go to Tate or towards.. Abbey Road?
The fact many Beatles fanatics were actually composing our crew made the choice obvious.
A Museum can always wait, the legends instead.. sometimes they can't.

After the not easy operation of discovering where the hell Abbey Road was located (there were Abbey Street, on the Greenwich side of the Town.. and Abbey-something-else in another useless point of London as well, while the simple writing "Abbey Road" was strangely missed in many maps we were carrying on with ourselves), we walked into a partially covered with sun (then rainy) Regent's Park, walkin down Primrose Hill (old Liam and Patsy's location!) before, as images tells you abundantly, finally finding our musical lovers' Gotha.
We even made Beatles live again, what can you ask for more?

again in Regents:
Alan, Toni, Henry and Mikael lookin all quite shy ;)

A pizza in Camden, before the rain splits up us in two branches...

Eventually we opted for a journey in Camden Town (discovering that to reach Camden there was more than one line.. but I still uncertain which one was the correct one!).
A brilliant Sun  was there shining over one of the most characteristic and charming parts of London, and as soon as I discovered I could have bought something, you know.. temptation was too big for avoiding the money waste.
We split in three groups, fixing at 6 pm at the Tube station (the latter we crossed after arrival in Camden) the rendez-vous time for leading back home everyone.

Adorable Micke
At Abbey Road, obviously (look the Pink Floyd writing.. nothing comes by case!)

I bought a typical sporty jacket and a pair of overlarge jeans trousers for the gig of subsequent day (blessed choice, thinkin afterwards..), then satisfied enough, I asked my beloved Knight aside to eat some Pizza!!!!! (*sigh*.. I am hopeless there...) and as we went in the corner where a pizzeria was spreading some cute scents, we ended to be in four: me Nelly, Mikael and Izzi again.
By the time we were chatting and eating, sky was turning rapidely into a grey scale of colours.
Ready to shed over us all possible rain, that we took in full spirit I must say.
Arriving with some minutes of delay at the planned Tube stop, we discovered, as rain was stopping to fall, that the rest of crew was already in their comfortable places, under a roof.. without US!!!!

At that point the four of us decided to drink something at a cute (and quite posh-y) pub near to Finsbury, and then to try to get at Finsbury Park to get some regular Oasis shirt for the day after.
Pity that we couldn't step in, as the gigs were played and without tickets for that day we wouldn't have been able to get any regular merchandise on the field.
We walked around the park firstly a bit disappointed, then we got another major rainfall over our uncovered heads.
That is really London in a nutshell, you never learn about this changin weather as much as when you have nothing to cover yourself with!!
As wet as little chickens we managed to get into the tube, and I was for a moment really sorry for those attending that day's Oasis' gig.
But in strong hope our destine the following day would have been different than theirs.

As Camden started to resemble some swimming pool..
Nelly and Izzi decided to leave the pizzeria anyway, and us behind them!

The only regret of the day was really that I couldn't say bye to Alan...
His cute caring and the adorable fact he wanted to meet me would have deserved a proper cheering up before our roads would have taken again different directions.
But I know we'll meet again one day, so that no-goodbye after all is a suspended time which can also be nice in a way :)
Thanx a lot, dear friend !!! :)

At night, those expecting a very heavy day in Finsbury the day after decide to just go sleep, and that's me and Chris and Mikael mainly...

All the rest went out for a drink, and we will learn the morning after it took *quite* a lot for them to be back in their rooms and touch their beds.

Well... their choice, but at least they had fun. Didn't they?

The rendez-vous for the BIG Day is settled up at 5 am anyway: let's get lost!!!!!!!!!

The Fab Board People
A walk in the r's Park and at Abbey Road's Studios

Places We Went

Regent's Park was just around the road we were at mainly, Great Portland Street. It's the Park I rate as the best in Central London, only the Kew Gardens are better probably, and it's just an enchanting vision with sun. To walk down there with the people has been just sweet.
About Abbey Road instead, what can one say that the images of the walk on the infamous stripes isn't already showing?
For the record, from left to right there are Paul, Baz, Mikael and Henry taking Beatles's steps...
A big big thanx to Alan who took this collage for us :) All I miss is that you didn't make a shot of yourself as well my friend...