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Thursday, 4th of July 2002
Friday, 5th of July
Saturday, 6th of July 2002
Sunday, 7th of July 2002
Monday, 8th of July 2002
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Monday, 8th of July 2002

Here I just wanna say: roll on till next hug my friends!!!

Monday was strange, of course.
Having Izzi and Baz to leave in the morning, with Paul meant to remain alone in his hostel room, we tried basically to have a sweet way to say bye, but the heavy weights on the souls were staying from the early leaving of Nelly still.
It's not easy when you try to act normal, feeling sad for the upcoming other byes time, and trying to be cheerful anyway for those who were meant to stay some more.
Sky was also grey, not really a good cheer from above.
But we are strong ones after all.
Aren't we?

I really felt the heat inside by the time of saying bye to Izzi. I wish to you and liamism all possible wonderful facts&times&experiences dear... what I had to say about it I said to you face to face. I still think the same.
Baz's leaving was easier: this guy seems to suggest so much energy to me, that I am sure 110% that this wasn't the only time we are meant to meet.
So I take it easily as a goodbye/see you soon kind of event.
After that, with remaining people, we lead towards HMV and (Chris was urging of course) Burger King.
Nothing beats Oxford Street when it's a grey day in London: there everything still colourful and noisy, in a good way.
We found stuff for Pete and Evan, and Chris had his Simpsons DVD. I bought my books (I usually buy books in every Country I visit.. it fits me and my serious side to read in foreign languages the MotherCountries' masterpieces of writing), and just tried to get along.
Who knows if it was a good way to try to comfort those who weren't even asking for it. I hope we did.
I just hope.

a double decker...
swifting away in Piccadilly

I didn't really wanna leave though.
I was feeling so fine, I mean, I could have stayed among these people for a month without feeling I was lacking anything, more or less.
I hate goodbyes, even when they are not lasting forever . I always end in tears, and I did again when at the airport I had to pass through my gate.
The shattering then, can't be well described here: it belongs all to stomach, mind and soul, and to me these are all sensations which were meaning a lot,and they still, so I don't wanna write about them, because in a way I would dismiss them being able to define them in a paragraph or in a sentence.
They are my most precious evidence I was having a great time with even greater persons in London.I long for feeling even the same sadness in saying "Bye" to all of you again.
I'd like to live it all again tomorrow, if possible.
All I can remember and think, is that I am a lucky one.
You made me lucky and well repaid my faith that if you dream along, and have the bravery for trying to make your dreams real, then nothing can really ban you from a pure joy .
You have been my pure joy.
And I am glad I lived it all, joy and mess, pain and troubles, laughes and cries, alongside my very personal shining angel.The best of them all you are. :)
See you next time, *luv* Meli

Almost everyone there..
hang on a minute! Where's Sinath?!?

Okay, probably to visit London in a big group is not the best way to appreciate it. But To me, it's the greatest of Towns (ban my hometown of course!) and I just love every way to have an experience out from it.
In these pics, there is my London loving spirit.. hope you had enjoyed this very peculiar Diary online.. and do not miss next two pages!!!

good ol' Sherlock Holmes...
(Remind: great minds think alike!)

My affection in total fully power for those who have made my life richer: you can see your faces in these pics.
A Whole Lotta Love.

On the Stanstead leading Train I managed to meet some celebrities again, this time  only known by Italians though: the cute singer and the multi performer player and dub master of Italian alternative band named 99Posse.
I hope I can see them in their shows soon, they were delightful.