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Thursday, 4th of July 2002
Friday, 5th of July
Saturday, 6th of July 2002
Sunday, 7th of July 2002
Monday, 8th of July 2002
Finsbury Freaks Speak Up!
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Finsbury Freaks Speak Up!

Sinath, Henry and Paul
the cute triade

We hope you've enjoyed sharing our trip. Now this is Finsbury Freaks' space for speak up the mind: these comments were released as soon as we were back at our repective homes after the meeting and happiness. But whenever you will  have any further comments or corrections or detailes to add, or just want to swap more travel inspired stories, you can send mail at:

Meli's addy

You can think we're just blabbling around, but precious things are always a precious memory to hold and share!

"Ok, here are some of my thoughts about the best moments in my life. And yes, they truly were the best. There's so many things in life you can live and see, but some things are better than others. Not only did I get to see my favourite band live, I also got to meet some really wonderful people, and new friends.

First about the concert. It was totally mad. I've never been to a concert this big before, and it was an experience. The only bad thing was that there was no sections, and when I told my friend in Sweden this he went like "WHAAAAAT????". He's a regular at the Roskilde festvial each year, and found it quite bizarre. Especially when you think about the accident that happened there a couple of years ago and 9 people died.

We wanted to get to the front and to the middle. And we did. Was this good or bad? Bad if you ask me. Not only did we have to get there 6 in the morning and stand up for like 14 hours, but we got in the middle of football hooligans, which eventually pushed us out of there. So much for that.

But we didn't give up. I finally saw my favourite band live, and when I saw Liam walk in, it was like a dream come true for me. This guy is just so cool! And I sung through the whole concert, and didn't even hear Liam except for between the songs. But it was fascinating to sing together with 40,000 other mad-fer-its! The Charlatans were great, and so were B.R.M.C. Hell, even Proud Mary rocked the place(The only three bands which didn't get bottles threwed at them *hehe*). If anyone has the chance to see Proud Mary live, I strongly suggest you to do it. They were great!

But other things also made these 4 days in London memorable. Meeting Baz, Meli, Mikael, Izzi, Googs, Nelly and Chris really was something special which I will appreciate for the rest of my life. It took us about two days I think to loosen up, cause it felt kinda strange to meet people like this, who you usually only know by names on different boards. But what a thing that was.

Baz is exactly how I expected him to be. Not that I put up expectations, but you know what I mean. WHen I meet him, and immediately pictured everything he wrote in front of me. What a weird feeling that was. Like "There's Baz....".. hehe.... But you are really a nice guy Baz, and I'm happy to have met you (To bad I got the fever on Sunday night, and couldn't be more social, instead I went to bed. Well, I'm still sick I think. Some kind of virus struck me... ). I hope though I get another chance sometime in life, to go out and get shitfaced with ya mate. If we go to another concert we'll get drunk like the other cunts that were there and fight back!!

Meli, I have talked to along time. She's one of the most adorable and cutest persons I've ever met. And these are judgements by her words that she has written to me, and helped through times when I really thought life was totally shit, and that I was the loneliest guy in the world. Well, now I've finŠlly met this wonderful person. And I must say she really is adorable. I'm a quite person though, and it takes me a while to break the barrier as the say, and maybe I seemed like an unsocial person from time to time. Well, I hope not cause I really ain't. It takes time though until I show my feelings towards people... But Meli you really are a sweet person. I've already put the paintings you did on my wall, that was the first thing I did when I got back home. Now, when I'm sitting in my room and maybe feel bad, I will look up on the picture and know, that was something made for me, by on of the most beautiful and lovely persons in the whole world. The one they call Meli...

Mikael, you are also a very nice guy and it was a pleasure to meet you too. You are from Sweden though, so maybe we could gather up for an Oasis concert in Sweden or Denmark sometime. I'm up for it. And if you guyswould like to meet for a day whe she is in Sweden, I would be happy too. If you're in the vicinity of me, just give me a call. There's always a room at my place.

The rest of the guys were from other boards, so I don't know if I whould write about them here, but I'll have a go.

Googs was a really funny guy, and nice talking to. I've never even talked to him on the net, so it was kinda nervous to met someone you don't know at all. But he was really cool(And tall!!!! ), and always ready for a joke. I like that, and I think others do too. When you were at the concert, I was trying to look for all the others among the crowd, and not to get lost. Googs was the one I looked for, it was easy to catch him.. hehe.. Too bad you got pulled out mate, but I understand you. I ALMOST followed you, but I was ready to die to see my band!!

Chris is a very kind person. Very social, and ver very kind. The kind of guy that would always help you out, and that is really wonderful. I've never met a person that likes to eat that much though. Chris was always hungry... How about some Burger King mate?

Izzi was a quiet person. Nothing wrong with that though, cause when you got to talk to her, you saw a nice, friendly and caring person inside, which is nice. Not many people are like that today. Maybe next time I'll get to talk to her some more.

Nelly is a sweet girl, which I haven't talked to before either. Hope to meet her again though, cause she seemed like a real party-girl, and was always up for going out to get a drink and have fun. She got sad though for some reason, and I hope she's OK now.

As a last thing, I would like to thank you all for a wonderful time. As soon as I got home I downloaded the MP3's from the Sunday-gig and I thought like "Nooo I want to get back!!!!".. hehe...

I hope we meet some day again, and thank you for the good times!  "

" So, here I am back at my desk.. I am honestly still sleeping so 99% of what I am gonna write now will be certainly not understandeable (while generally it's only 85% of it which is so ) but you'll forgive me... I hope.

After the other mega sleep I am gonna take I'll be fresh again and tomorrow I'll hopefully write more senseful things, by now let's just pour out feelings.

It was just a dream realized to meet you all.
This beyond the fact we were in a chaotic (but as beautiful as I remembered it to be..) town, among millions of people, and in a lil hole of room.. well, anyway to me the mere fact I was there with you was making everything grandiose.I wasn't expecting nor planning anything really.. so maybe that is also why I was accepting everything in a lighter way.
(I speak so because I still have my passport.. now if I would have ended losing it ... but it didn't happen so let's not talk about that risk anymore even !!!)

I hated one thing though out of the experience and that was all transport system there, but mainly because it was keepin me far away from you during some hours, and all I wanted was to share time with you all ), but in every second, to see your faces around was great.

I don't regret even to have followed the gig after hours of injuries from the corner.. because after all I knew all of us were there then.. and although it wasn't exactly as I was expecting it to be, even the messy gig (for me at least) is something I'll always treasure, fears and anger included, in a light way becauise we shared it together.

I am happy we came to met Gem (sorry Henry and Chris )ehehhh and I am happy we met also Laura and Sinath (Henry, cheer them a lot!!!!!!!!!!!).

Of course there's a thing which shadows me when I think of it, and which stays up in my stomach like a big radioactive stone...
I just hope that can be solved, because honestly i don't wanna to miss and lose someone whom I just have met in real for such a thing.
It simply wouldn't be fair.

I feel I could have made something, but if I didn't, it was because I wasn't rating me enough for trying to have my say there: it was for a form of respect to the sensitivity of people involved, not because I wasn't caring.
ALL of us were caring, we just weren't prepared to what we would have been supposed to do.
If we 've got a sign, we would have acted.

The point was that everyone was probably feeling like "Do I have to ask? What if I am gonna be sent to hell? After all, what I know for have a say? Will they think is not my businness at all?"
This was makin us all fear in make any intervention in between that argument.
We might have been not brave, but I think in the end we were just fearing about making things worse: none of us got how BIG was the problem and when we got it, it was too late to repair...

Maybe it would have been better for everyone: but I just wanna another chance, and that's it.

Nelly, if you'll ever read this, I hope and I really hope that we can heal your pain in a way.
It's not that late, unless you really think it is.
But it's not.

I hope also that you're having a nice rest of time there without us Paul.. and that London is gonna show you a bit of its sunny face It's a marv town especially when it gets sunny Then you'll maybe find some "Britney swallows" shirt with no D12 sign on it too

Right back to the rest, well, I just wanna say Oasis are the best
Even on the train back home I found britons to talk with of them..
I am happy they reached again UK albums number one .. they did with all their studio albums, that's just great

Pity that a wide section of Oasis fans are asses though, but that, oh well, I am used to (this is specifically dedicated to that Matt stupid hooligans dude destroying my bones in the front row...)but who cares? we even got the privilege of a soundcheck out of them.. ahhhh I melt everytime I remember the way I've felt hearing Liam that way back after 4 years

Oh well.. I said I would have written a little, instead I am writing a lot...

Just this again:
Pete and Gecko, next time you'll be there with us too.. we missed you two a LOT...
And evan, you'll receive something soon from Finsbury people too

I am just in love with all and everyone at the moment.. that's it

All I have to think is that I still have all mudded clothes from the park to wash.. I won't even describe how my beloved red trainers are still lookin

See you later, I am gonna prepare for next week a page on the web TOTALLY dedicated to Finsbury Freaks Days
(I gotta get back sleeping.. I have not yet joint to the 40 planned hours )
Kisses xxx

Again Paul, Mikael, Me and Izzi appearing...
what a skilfull bunch we are?

With my two feet and ankles totally crushed and swollen and blistered...

A wonderful couple of days has passed.
I think we all have a lot of feelings going around in our heads at the moment. I have for sure.
It all seemed to pass really fastly though. As all great things always do.
All of you were pretty much the same as I had imagined you. Of course there are the more 'human' aspects into all of you as well. But the overall thing is that you were all as I had expected.

Some of you have said that it was a bit static at first but for me I couldn't tell nor feel anything of that at all. I just felt everyone said hey and it was like we all had known eachother for years. Which, we really have. In most ways.

It was a great great feeling. I think if we will all meet again someday it will definitely be even more like 'old friends' get together. Great great. again.

I don't know what I exactly should write cos all is just in this big bucket of thoughts all sliding in and out from eachother.

The Oasis gig was something..very special. Even in the strange ways it is still something I will remember all my life. It was my birthday and I shared it with Mel and my friends. What else could it be than the greatest moment...
From what I heard of Liam and Noel and the rest of the band it was superb. I am happy I was there with you all.

I am sure I could write alot more about everything but I just can't find the words at the moment. so...I just say...Gem, what a man.

And thank you Baz, Googs, Izzi, Chris, Nelly, Toni, Henry Sinath Laura. You are the coolest "

First off, Gecks, I wish you could have made it! You would have enjoyed it. And Pete lets hope that next time you can make it. If not I think I will fly up there and grab you myself and bring you. It seemed weird not having you there my Young Master.

Well, I have been back home for about 24 hours now. And I have had some rest and time to clear my thoughts. The emotions I feel meeting all of you I can't explain. It was just so amazing. You were all how I expected you to be. Well Baz was after he had a few beers in him

I was so nervous when I first walked into the room. I was upset with what was going on with Sinath. She disappointed me that she didn't come with me on that day because you guys mean alot to me and I wanted share it with her. That is why I was complaining to you guys about it But thanks for letting me vent. But seeing you was like magic. It was so unbelievable and amazing.

Mikael, and then you Meli, you were so cute. Exactly how I imagined. You definitely have a magic. It was funny though when Meli would talk and the reaction from Mikael. It was so loving

Izzi, you were super sweet as well. I loved the way you snapped pictures very sneaky, just to catch the moment. I loved it

Paul, just have to say you are the funniest ####er I ever met. You were absolutely funny. It was definitely a pleasure meeting you again.

Baz, what can I say? Hehe you have a nice pedicure and a way with metaphors But no you were 100% cool. To bad I wasn't going to be in Toronto in a few weeks, would be nice to hang out again.

Toni, I didn't really no what to expect.  We have talked a bit before we met, but not alot.  I just have to say you were absolutely awesome.  You stood back and didn't talk alot, but when you did you were there with a great point.  And I hope some day you will love FON as much as me ;).  Thanks for everything you have done for me on the FTP.  Keep on rocking Toni!

Chris, thanks for the poster you ripped off the street. I am going to hang it on my wall. You too were funny as hell. I loved how you had to eat about every 5 minutes. I hope you have a Burger King near you Also, I hope that you got the piss out of your pants

Nelly, I dont' know if you are going to see this, but it was great finally meeting you. You were a great girl and I hope that everything is ok with you.

I know Sinath and Laura really enjoyed meeting you all and they loved you guys alot. They thought it was cool that we met like this and we got along so well. I think they might be interested in Germany in 2 years

My trip was pretty much wonderful until the last day. Sinath finally told me before I left that she wants some time alone So the trip ended up being bittersweet. But hopefully a little break from me will clear her mind and she will realize that I love her more then anything.

"But of all these friends and lovers,
There's no one compares with you...
In my life I love you more" 

hi! : )

so, I am finally back and hey, thanks for everything and it's been very great! i miss you very much, all of you : ( I feel kind of empty!

um so what to say?

izzi: could you please post me your adress so that I can send you your CD case? Thanks!

baz: did you get my sms?

and at the moment I listen to a oasis special on swiss radio (SO COOL! They just played born on a different cloud)

and I can't believe it: HEATHEN CHEMISTRY IS AT #2 in switzerland! I can't believe that!

erm yes, I am going to listen to "force of nature" now! ;-)

nah, stop crying your heart out is on, i love it more with every listen (still)  "

Chris, Toni and Laura
How enchanting is Toni's eyes colour?

Let me first talk my heart off about the early leaving of Nelly. I know she was pissed about the city from the first moment, she and me talked about it, and also with googs. I guess, if ur a girl from the countryside (which is not meant in a bad way, but in a tender), you get a shock when u enter such a big city. The traffic is huge and the millions of ppl are rude, even though they apologize the whole time, they push you and dont really care about you. So she was unhappy and she blamed everybody, also our lil group.

Since we met for the first time, what can u really expect? That we are friends who deeply understand each other? I think not, cos its really not easy to have a good talk with everyone in such a short time in such a rushy place, that tireds you only from beeing there and where u sit in the tube for halfs of hours and dont understand a word, cos it so loud. I really did enjoy all the different accents you have, but me personally, I use to mumble around, which I cant do in english. So to me communication was mainly listen and not talk too much, cos I'm slow.

Well, I just try to understand Nelly. For me, I just wanted to be there with you, whatever would happen, without too much expectations. I didnt really get the thing she has with you, googs. And she wasnt talking about that to me. She said, that nobody really cares for her, just some secs after I thought we all had a great night yesterday. She said she needs loving arms. She said, that everybody is complaining about her life, and that she should go to school and not drink so much. I think you guys didnt do so? Now she left with the list of swear words, with #10 in her hand, that is so terrible. she tried to washit away but failed. The last thing we did was hugging and she even didnt look back at me when her taxi left.

Oh well, I have my first beer and listen to HC, songbird right now, which is really good I'm still sad about Nelly, but maybe you, googs, tell some details, if u like.

So I came into the hostel and sat there and suddenly Nelly and googs popped up and it was a nice feeling, to see her again. And googs looks like someone I already know. I havent forgotten what we did that night, we had some ugly tasting beer and some chats and slept for 12 hours. Next thing I remember is that we waited for Baz. We saw him coming, blackhaired, and we were like: is it him? Uhm, I think maybe? Who else could he be? After some minutes I finally waved at him, and he watched back to us and I walked to him and said: Is it you? He: Yes, you mean me, Baz. Me: Ya, hey, I'm izzi, or something ...

Uhm, what happened next? Well, later we entered the room and there were Meli, Mikšl, hehe, and Toni. Did u think Meli is a silent gal? Why do u think so?? She's crazy yes she is! It's so touchy to meet, haha.

And hey, we were at the soundcheck! It was like a private concert for our lil group, thats the feeling I had. I leaned at the fence with my belly and just felt good to watch the boys around 100 meters away. Was it more? To me it's 10 meters...  "


Its funny, I still can recall all ur voices and accents, when I read the msg, and see ur faces

So well, I have been to London, when I was 17 or so, and I remember how much I hated the city. It's noisy, crowded and dirty, thats all i thought at that time.

But now, beside the bad, i was able to see its beauty, and feel the history of ancient england or something. Nelly and I went to Westminster Abbey, and since the visiting times were already over we had to join a service to watch the church from the inside. We both love those old stuff and it's touchy to listen to the choir and hear the english ppl praying, thats my lil catholic heart.

In contrast to that we saw some dildos in a sexshop, some porns were shown on some TV and if my memory serves me well, its quite near to china town, which is incredible terrible, more chinese than china, and for some minutes I got scared that I soon have to live with those kind of ppl. Accidently, among other tasty dishes, we ordered some chicken claws for dim sum (the chinese lunch) and nelly like nearly threw up, haha. Let me tell you, they are tasty but they look so shitty. Just like dead white claws, urgh. I'm sure, I'll never ever have them again, when I'll be in HK. Liamism?

At 5 we got into the crowd for the concert. BRMC and The Charlatanes were astonishingly nice, we stood quite near to the front row at the right side, where it was calm and peaceful. Yeah the waiting was finally over and as soon as I started to think they might have faked us with the date or something, the boys came onto the stage and the pushing began. I got a lil bit in panic, nearly lost my glasses and quickly did my way back into calm waters.  "

...had a great time. I'll write a more thourough report when time allows. It was wonderful to meet all of you who came. I say that honestly. Thank you
  Henry - You are a f*cking legend man...very different to what I expected, in a good way. You were funny as hell. If you went to my uni or my school I could imagine us being real good mates. Well, I suppose we are now anyway, you big cuntf*cker (p.s. tell Sinath and Laura when you can that I loved meeting them so much. They were great fun )

Meli - It was sooooo great to meet you after having pretty long great discussions with you on either this board or the WGA board. For some reason, I was dead anxious to meet you, but that soon went. Excitable as a sack full of labrador puppies and thats a compliment...I love enthusiastic people. Thank you so much for that great pic of J Lo as well, you have many talents

Mikael - Mr Punk Rocker Supreme. You were a lot taller than I expected but just as cool. Thank you so much for the cd's. I have listened to them a coupla times and first impressions are top...I'll give you a more detailed review when I have listened more times. I always associate you with loads of smileys on the board, and you were definitely the easy-going, laid-back type with this pretty imposing air to you. Awesome meeting you. One more time....'Mee-ka-el'?

Googs - One of the funniest guys I have met? Oh yeah.... After seeing you and nelly (and later, izzi) in the hostel reception for ages and not fully knowing if it was you it was mega meeting you. You seem like a person so easy to get on with and full of life. Sorry for (unintentionally) stealing your tshirt! "Cheers!"

Nelly - Seemed to be up for a laugh (and a drink) at any viable moment....being a Simpsons maniac is always a plus point in my book as well. I hope you read this as I thought you were a great sport and very easy to socialise with. I hope you also take with you some of the good memories you may have from this trip. Thanks also for selling my spare ticket as well. That was mighty fine of you

Izzi - You were the first one to spot me I think, at the reception. You were pretty quiet but when you talked I adored your accent...and also your habit of taking photos on the sly so you could capture the moment in time was mega! You will have to stick up all those photos of us picking our noses and stepping in dogcrap when you get the chance

Chris - Boundless energy (must be from all that f*cking food! ) and a real lust for life. You were also a funny bastard as well and I love the way you pretended not to act pissed on Sunday even though you were! :D Your accent also cracks me up (in the nicest possible way) cos it fits your persona so well. BTW I did recieve your SMS but my crappy phone would not send a reply!

That is all. Toni has gone to Croatia so I'll write him later . Gecko and Pete, it was a mega shame you could not make it. I would have given my right testicle to meet you 2 guys!

I enjoyed meeting you all so much and all my expectations of you were exceeded easily. I had very high expectations as well...thats how f*cking cool you all are. That was one of the most surreal and great times of my life and I must thank you lot for it.

We will do it again, no doubt "

Well, what to say, what to say...London was good times but not entirely what I was expecting. You lot excluded, you all were exactly how I imagined you would be, and I wasn't dissapointed. Meli, an energetic fury of blonde hair and passion for everything. Mikael, almost the opposite, very laid back, but still with that passion, and like Baz said, strangely intimidating (I'm still not sure why though). Baz, I still think you're my soul twin. Quiet but loud. Careless yet caring. And you swear a lot less than I thought you would. And Henry, I'm certain you out funnied me. I was pretty quiet this time around (no really I was), and I never really 'hit my stride' so to speak. Izzi, we didn't talk much, but the talks we did have were nice, and I also think your accent is very cute. I can hardly wait to see your pics, they'll probably be the best of the lot (mine kinda suck )And Chris, I didn't really know what to expect from you because we've never talked much, but I was very pleasantly surprized. A great guy with a wicked sense of humour (I'm going to write a song called 'girls in the box' inspired by you and that poster)

As for Nelly, well I have no clue what's going on with her. I called her yesterday and left a message, but she hasn't called me back yet, and to be perfectly honest I think it might be quite some time before I, or we, hear from her again. I'm only partially certain on what was going through her mind in London, but I don't know all the story, so it would be stupid to speculate. All I really know for certain is that she wasn't having a good time right from the start. On Wednesday night, the very first night, she told me that she didn't like London at all. By Friday she told me she was ready to go home. So it didn't really surprise me that she left early, but I wasn't expecting it to be that abrupt. I still feel that it's partially my fault even though I know I didn't do anything wrong.

So let us summerize shall we...

- The whole Nelly situation.

- The 11pm drinking cerfew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was expecting London to be like New York, the city that never sleeps. Instead I got London, the city that has sensible bed time.

- Travelling in a large group.
No knocks to you guys, I liked hanging out with all of you, but travelling in a group of 8-11 people is really hard, and took some of the fun out of it. It's hard to have a good time when half the time we're just wandering about/waiting for one person to do their thing while the rest of us wait for them. Like I said, it's nothing to do with you guys, I would have felt the same with ANY group of people that large.

- Buckingham Palace, a glorified Wearhouse


- Not seeing Oasis front row


- Abbey Road, that whole walk really, I liked that

- The Morning Glory street. My pic is fecked though, we did do it on the wrong street. Should have been one more block down...I think

- Eating at The Cock...I love The Cock!!!

- Proud Mary, Cornershop, BRMC, The Charlatans (AMAZING!!!), and of course Oasis.

- The pretty girls everywhere! I think I was the only guy that found nearly every girl that I saw was beautiful. Either that shows that I'm desperate and will take anything with boobs that crosses my path (true) or it says something about the lack of attractive girls in Calgary (also true).

- Scooters!!

- My new Puma's that I bought. The best pair of trainers on the planet. And yes I will get mad if some guy smudges my Puma's (in referance to a Chris Rock song...)

- Spending the last day by myself, I didn't think I'd like it but I really did. Saw LOTS of stuff and found a really cool shopping district that I never would have found if I hadn't been alone. Carnaby Street, just wonderful. Away from all the tourist crap. A nice secluded street with a bunch of really neat shops.

- Meeting Gem, I keep forgeting that we met him.

- Soundcheck. If it hadn't been for that I would have no clue if Oasis sounded good or not. I couldn't tell, everyone sang along to every word of every song!!

- Not seeing Oasis front row. I never would have been able to enjoy the show as much as I did if I had been crushed like I was. Plus not getting pulled out after they took the stage allowed me to see the WHOLE show. I missed most of The Charlatans, just trying to get back to a decent spot in the crowd. But the part I did see blew me away. This may be a bold statement, but I truly feel that they put on a better show than Oasis did that night, but Oasis had the whole crowd in their hand. They owned us that night, and that's something that The Charlatans didn't do. "

hello! I just wanted to say hi to everyone and that i loved meeting you guys although i was scared shitless the first time and was such a coward that i didn't go with henry the first day. but you guys are great and i'm in london still but it is boring now that you all are gone : ( laura says hi too!!!

love sinath "

Izzi, Baz and Nelly.
This is my favourite pic probably... and it's easy to guess why.I want to see Nelly again, this way.