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Thursday, 4th of July 2002
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Saturday, 6th of July 2002
Sunday, 7th of July 2002
Monday, 8th of July 2002
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Thursday, 4th of July 2002

The arrival, the emotion of first sights and  the way you can feel home even when you're not at it...

My thursday started like a sort of sweet nightmare: I woke up at 4 in the morning almost, ready to take the train from Florence till Pisa airport, where my flight was meant to take place from.
No need to say I didn't need the ringtone from the clock to wake up, cos due to my excitement I practically didn't even sleep.
I can't really say about my feelings.. I loved to perceive every shakin in the stomach for the expectations of meeting again (and newly) friends, neither I can pen, not even by far away, the immense emotion of realizing I was finally seeing London by myself alone, something I was waiting for from a long, long, long time.
I was in risk, because strikes were putting all under menace as it often happens in Italy during Summer.. but I was just meant to have my trip, so when I arrived in Stanstead, I barely held emotions.. so ready to meet my rescuing angel, then Toni, who was already there flying from Malmoe .... it was a wonderous feeling to finally meet him as well after such a long time we were meant to do it.
When we took the train from Stanstead to London Tube.. to me it was already like we were hangin out together from a life, the three of us.
I take and handle all new meetings easily.. to me all the people are always people, independently from the way I get in touch with them :)

On the train, lookin outside the typical greyness shadowing the beautiful English countryside was like a caress within. And when like 50 wonderful horses eating on greengrass over a hill appeared from the corner left, fading soon, I just realized I was feeling as happy and satisfied as possible.
The curiosity melted with the joy and the anxiety of arriving and meeting everyone else was making me feel electric, literally :).
It took a while to find the right directions after we stepped out at Totthenam Hale Tube stop but then we menaged it. more or less.
The exit at Great Portland was almost mysterious.. we didn't have much clues if we had to lead  one direction or the other to find others gathering.. they were supposed to wait for us in a café, but we weren't *exactly* in time so we supposed they might have been gone for a lil walk around and when we  discovered they were doing it indeed, it wasn't a surprise.
We decided to just settle down and rest a while, and then wait for them in their own place in ISH.
Was I excited?
Yes.. but not in the sense one might expect. I was waiting for people I knew already after all... the flesh&bone things were just a new plus, I mean.. a big plus indeed.. but not what I was feeling missing in my mind anyway at all.
Oh.. I know it's just doesn't make sense, but it does for me :P

at Finsbury park soundcheck
from left to right: Baz, Toni, Izzi, googs, Mikael and Nelly's backs

Lookin up for something special to do, waitin for Henry to appear...

The way they entered (in double groups) was making the meeting even more peculiar.. I just remember a door opening, and someone REALLY tall walk in... and then just me screaming, and pointing at.. googs! "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" My blood just stopped to rush a microsecond, then it started to go again even more fastly.. a fantastic feeling :)
I have to say, that I just felt okay among all those people.
I am never difficult to feel okay among people, but that was different.. because there were like people of mine acknowledge already there... it was like an old friend you don't see from some damn long time appearing to me, different maybe from the memory (in this case the imagination mainly), but still *those* people you were so lookin forward to meet :)
I cried with the girls of course, when they got in a couple of minutes after Baz and Paul.. I can resist to soft side of me with males, but females just get  me in :P.
I was expecting with so much love to finally hug them two, so I couldn't stop tears from falling when I finally did. It's one of the warmest memories I have from these Londinian days.
If only.... oh well, let's not think now about what happened after that I can't anyway change...
I also remember that the very first sound which impressed me was Baz's voice.. so deep and beautiful it is, it resembles a lot Micke's one in charme, although Micke's one still unbeatable of course :)

On the screens throught the gates...
...Liamy (left), singing, and Noely (right), playing

Nelly and Baz told us that Henry was unreachable for two days... we went all a bit worried, but then I was sure he was takin time with Sinath and Laura, and that the day after he would have made himself reachable.
After we just learnt from Baz we could have tried to catch Oasis's soundcheck in the Park...
Looked immediatly like a big damn HUGE idea :)
In a no reaction time we just went out to Finsbury.. I didn't get time to change my Ronaldo shirt, so I gained the prize for most idiot clothing.. no really good to walk down London wearing the shirt of the team who sent the "local" back home in the World Cup.. :P.
I just wanna say that to take the Tube all together.. was immensively pleasing for me...To look around at all faces, see they move and talk, it just felt so incredibly right and sweet.
Then what can you ask for more, when you've got also a sweet angel smiling at your side, like a lovely little dream of tenderness and love made real?
I felt in Paradise, and look.. teh Tube in the afternoon in itself is nothing like Heaven ;) so it must have been something else :P!!!

The Soundcheck at Finsbury Park

When we arrived at the park, the first thing was the impression I got watching from the back at the stage they were yet finishing to build. Immense, even if not really the biggest stage a very expert Oasis fan like me can remember .
I really wasn't hoping to catch the band playing, I was contenting myself in being there, around.. lookin up for detailes in the place I was sure I would have never been able to take into notice on the Saturday, while being there waiting for the gig.
But I was wrong. The cloudy sky was ready to give us glimpse of light from the ground instead than from the Sun.
Right on in face of us, caged in the protection walls, was Noel, talkin with Sara(apparently) and  another girl and man.
We just ran as near as possible... to have the stage in front of us as well then. Noel was disappearing  for a moment, when we realized the band, the whole band was walkin around too.
I mean.. there was Liamy as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was gorgeously exciting to see from a few steps away, the backs of the band members: you were clearly capable to guess their jokes, and God, they seemed to be so relaxed and happy!
Everyone could have guessed they were having a funny time, takin pictures and stuff.
And Liam.. seems to be in real the same he looks to be from a stage: a person totally of his own, but so incredibly cute and entertaining...
I will never be objective about him though: cos the mere fact he was there seemed to me a clear evidence that God exists--- :P
Even then though, I was not really hoping we would have heard them playing, and even when they started, with Alan, Gem and then Andy.. and then Noel trying things.. I was like "Oh well, but Liam won't sing...".
You know when you almost fear for your best dream to get true? That insane feeling of "No.. thanx?" you start to perceive when you reckon believing it can be possible could shatter you eventually if not possible to happen in the end?
I was there.

But when Liam started to play with Noel's guitar (yes, I am not kidding) the chords of Songbird I was hopelessly falling into belief.
And they indeed started all to play and sing.
It was undescribable, so much better than I could have dreamt of. The voice of Lil Miracle of Muses was so strong and in tune.. 4 years I've waited for this shivering live...and when he in five seconds made again all my vibes like a dance of grace inside my head and heart, I was so grateful to everything that I stopped to take care if I was freezing out (the temperature there was slightly approaching to Polar Zone) and just melted in my sensations.
Pity that Liam's mic started to be out of sound, so he stormed off after a while, leving Noel and the boys alone to complete the Soundcheck. Noel sung some, then the most incredible thing was to having him singin only his part of Acquiesce!!!! :)
Just funny indeed :)
we were about.. I dunno, maybe 40 or  some around watching them.. then the band stopped and they went out, but they indeed replied to our  (well, to others.. I would have never screamt that way) cheers and  way to incite them with some gestures :) It was enough for us.
The music was the best way to thank us actually :)

But we didn't really leave Finsbury after: we went to the exit behind the stage and started to wait for... *something* (something like some member of the band.. ) to appear and shake our hands, or take our whispers at deity, or just direct their sight at us, humble disciples (no okay.. this has gone too far right ;)!).
We stayed there for what seemed an eternity, in the weather, always more freezing (lesson number one: never wear only a shirt in London without anything heavier to put on your shoulders.. I shold have known already btw, but I discovered myself uncaring.. too late, when I changed my mind it was just too late!), but then, after some cars with very black windows went off (the bros? It didn't seem to us actually, but you can't never tell!), and after Gem passed four times walkin in the street  a few steps away from us, Paul screamt in his direction "Gem!!". and he walked towards us!!!
What an incredible cool bloke he was?
He is indeed :)
And cuter in real than in pics :)
Ahhh.. it was a very special afternoon out from a very special day!

Trying to eat at night, ending up (obviously) at McDonalds...

When we finally went back, each one in its place, the best guess was.. where are we gonna go eat?
It was already pretty late, but we wanted to go around a bit more, although the morning after it was decided me and Micke would have taken the incumbency to find Chris (without Karin sadly) and rescue him so he could have met us all in safety.
That was meaning a quite early wakin up and I didn't really want to destroy me in total (I was awake from 4 am after all!!!) so to eat was my only dream really :)

We gathered once again all together and just tried to find.. ahhahh!!! a MacDonald.. We walked down to Portland, almost till Oxford street (realy near to us.. YUM!!!!! I love that road so much) having the British Telecom Skyscraper like a strange contemporary Golem backin us.
We were also really near to BBC Radio 1 offices... that would have been cool to walk in actually.. well, of course not at night!
We ate and chatted then we came back and decided to say goodnite.
I slept just like I was sleeping on a fluffy cloud embraced by Love&Care.
But I was indeed, the feeling always stays there at my side in these occasions.
*When all of the stars are fading away, just try not to worry, you'll see them someday*