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Meli's 2002 Summer Holidays
People and me /7 Pictures

the beautiful beach and sea...

The landscapes in Puglia, when Sun makes all shine and sparkle, are really a breeze for the heart.

I love to watch the sky and sea, smell all scents and feel relaxed.. I was really in need for it after a very demanding year, and considering before holidays I got overstressed by some idiot situations :P that some people know about somewhere else in the net (Snakes &Bites of them.. anyone? Well, take a look at My Artwork Album 4 and you will solve the mystery..) to have a long holiday alongside people I love was just a blessing touch from above :)

Stef and Flavio

So, as you've read before (DID YOU? Good ;)!) Also Sabry and Flavio were obviously not anymore linked with their old ones, and the images here show a dinner we had together with Marco and Stef's family as well at one of the coolest and more classy Restaurants in Lecce.
You get Oysters (I hate them btw) as soon as you arrive, and the location is a spectacular villa with an amazing garden  full of plants and sculptures.. wow!!!!!
What I loved the most were the desserts anyway.. :P

Me and Sabry

I have to say I just adore these people: they are always supportive, smart to talk with, full of affection and love and care, you can't feel bad with them :)
I hope to mantain contacts as strict and strong as possible for all the rest of my life, I would always walk by feet down there in Parabita for just seeing their smiles :)
You are so important to me :) Hope you do know that :)

Marco and Sabry

Stef and Sabry
Look his smile ;)!

The architecture is Parabita's Monumental Cemetery
I love it a lot :)

And finally this year I took some pics of the Monumental Cemetery!!!
You will be able to see one better sight from the Photography Gallery in Renderosity . I am not a photographer so nothing really valuable t here, but that Monument deserve to be seen :) I so love the power you perceive among its walls!

Sadly a couple of days were cloudy...
strange effect with my pareo full of colours!