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Meli's 2002 Summer Holidays
Bye To Sea and Tomatoes / 6 Pictures

the Beach Girls

Everytime I leave Parabita and Gallipoli my first thought goes to all the people who every year are capable to give me so much in such a little space of time. I utterly adore these people, they are responsible of so many amazing memories and vibes always ready to stay within my soul I just can't believe how lucky I am in havin the chance of sharing time and life with them. You are so special... really you are :)


What one can do while being on holiday? Easy: Take a tan, Have fun, bathe herself and... damn, eat TONS of  unealthy things like big icecreams this way!!!!!
Of course .. :P!


"Nature is calling"!!!!
And so, Stef gained the Prize for "Direct Farmer of The Year" with these Tomatoes God knows which way were able to offspring this well, considering he stays in Rome and he never can take a proper care out for them.. erm....
But talent is talent ;) and he's got load of it :)


I wonder if among Mandragolas and cherry trees I would be able to make some roses growin up there.. who knows?
But some yellow rose would fit the space I think :)


Up, the Parabita's House with all the crazy us (me seable from the blond cloak.. :P) while below, Elli and Giampy, new coolest couple of the year :)


Well, anyway after the bye to Parabita, Gallipoli and the Sea people I got ready for a new experience for Summer Holidays, namely the Lake of Garda!!!!
So far, the only occasions I went at Garda Lake were those including one single stop: Gardaland, a Park for Fun in the Disneyland and Alton Towers way. I have been there many times with friends, from when I was like 12 :)
I didn' t imagine really it could have been so great to have a proper period of holiday there but luckely, Stef was right about all the funny things you can do with people and friends at a Lake like that.. so roll on and keep on following me! :)