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Meli's 2002 Summer Holidays
Saint Lorenzo's Night / 3 Pictures

Every year the second week of August there is the Saint Lorenzo's night, where it's supposed sky turns out into a mesmerizing scenery for tons of falling stars to be seen.

In Italy this tradition is well loved: you see the stars and you wishing Wells for them, to them, and that make everyone go out at night and stay head up watching the sideral space.

When you are at sea, this always turns like a picnic at night on the beach, with fire, barbecues, and plaids for staying over the sand.

We couldn't of course give up to this lovely tradition.. :)

someone had to take duty for the fire...
and as you see, I was VERY into it ;)!

We were organized perfectly mainly thanx to Elisa, who offered her Beach House for being the starting Headquarter of it all. We were tons of people, and it was really funny, because due to this, we didn't even take that much of care for the fact for the ONLY night this summer the sky was covered by clouds. No rain, no coldness.. just no way to see stars falling, that was.
We did concentrate on bathing at midnight and doing stupid things (of course..) like you can see a bit from these pictures.
Roberto did a marvelous barbecue (even Marco had to admit it!!) Valeria was a great organizer too and some of the cakes were sincerly spectacular :)
I became the FireMaster (I have a great experience in that from when I was 6..eheh) and so our fire on the beach was the most beautiful and strong :) but all I cared about was the safety you know...
I slept too at a certain point, no way Stef was able to wake me up when one of his Aunt came up for sayin hi to us all.. erm :P
Later on, when we were leading back home in the deep night, this kind of tiredness made me (US) to leave the bag at Elisa's house, which caused a bit of troubles the day after.
Nothing serious anyway.. luckely we found it back and safe :)
Marco's plans to get along with Andrea's little sister seemed to be right after all. I have to repeat that Puglia's young Ladies are definitely as beautiful as possible, they really shine. Probably they get worse faster with time (a bit like English people) but when they are young, they definitely are of a spectacular beauty.
How many times I was ready to ask to youngs there to stop and be models for my portraits!!!
With some it worked, with some it couldn't have, but I got loads of inspiration. Male and female, they are all gorgeous in that Region. Must be something they eat?
I don't know...eheh :)
And again, you would never guess their real age, as they look at 13 as made as a person of 19 :)


Above, everyone is preparing for putting on tables all the food and barbecue stuff.. it's not easy when light's goin down and the fire is not ready yet!
Below, Marco Andrea and Checco menages to...get injuried someways replicating Bulgari's Aldo Giovanni and Giacomo's performances!
Pity we didn't see stars...But we were so ;)


If only sky would have been clear, that night on the beach would have come to perfection ;) but you can't get all you like all the time can you?