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Meli's 2002 Summer Holidays
Me with bikini / 2 Pictures

A breezy morning for my 2002 favourite bikini :P

Okay.. I DO know I am the most plated girl ever, but still, this year I wanted the "Triangle" bikini as well ;)
The maximum of tan which is possible to get you get with it don't you?
So after 11 months of paleness, I had the right to try for it :P :P :P
No seriously, I just love to post sea pics for makin you see the beauty of that Gallipoli's Sea, which can't be described, unless you don't get there.
Even when it's windy, and it's moved and waving, the clearness is total, and you can't avoid to love it to pieces...
Just.. that in next bikini's pics in other pages you'll see I was forced to tie my hair in traces.. it was not possible to survive otherwise.. Too long hair are a curse on the beach ;) LOL!!!
I am sorry Marco was forced to stay far away from the water most of time: it was heavily salty this year and many delicate skins were getting trouble for it, because salt attacks defences of skin and then the big sun completes the effort.
Monia would have got trouble as well if she would have come with us alongside Mauro, so in a way my friend, lucky you in staying in Tuscany!!!!
But I hope next year you can join us and this sparkling scenery :)


Thanx for the patient in takin these pics...;)
I am possibly the worst model ever :P I know :P


Even my mum loved this 60's styled outfit :P
But back at that time, I have to say my mum's body was really more fitting for the need of the triangle kind of bra, not to mention all the rest of her body was just miles above the level of mine.. sigh ;)
I wonder what's next...eheh :P